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The Super Scrabble®, game board (21 x 21 squares) is available in department stores.  It comes complete with tiles, bag for the tiles, instruction on how to play the game and rules of the game.  The 200 tiles are distributed as follows:

A—16 G—5 M—6 S—10 Y—4
B—4 H—5 N—13 T—15 Z—2
C—6 I—13 O—15 U—7 Blank—4
D—8 J—2 P—4 V—3
E—24 K—2 Q—2 W—4
F—4 L—7 R—13 X—2

Letter Values = Points:

A=1 F=4 K=5 P=3 U=1 Z=10
B=3 G=2 L=1 Q=10 V=4 BLANK=0
C=3 H=4 M=3 R=1 W=4
D=2 I=1 N=1 S=1 X=8
E=1 J=8 O=1 T=1 Y=4

The game boards used in the Superscrabble Club of Tustin were acquired from the following sources:

Winning Moves:
Target Stores:
Peter Manzonillo:
(Pete makes custom boards only. Tiles, bag, and clock are not included.)

During a Superscrabble Club game, players can play words with 2 to21 letters, albeit in multiple steps, extending a short simple word (front or back), and eventually making it an acceptable, yet very long word: STRAIGHT+FOR+WARD+NESS+ES = STRAIGHTFORWARDNESSES. Go to Play-By-Play to see how this is possible.

The Superscrabble Club of Tustin hold recreational games every 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month. No club fee. If you are new and never played this word game, members will gladly show you how. Three games are played. We start at 10:00 a.m., have lunch together and socialize a little bit to get to know each other; and then we play two more games in the afternoon. Go to Brave Players to see a list of super scrabblers since 2012.

Contact, or text at 714-654-4308 if you wish to come and experience the funnest game in town. Complete equipment is provided. No need to bring anything but your happy self.

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